Parallel session 2

Parallel session 2

Thursday 4 January, 13:30-15:00.

Accounting & Management Control II
Auditorium Terje Hansen 
Chair: Anatoli Bourmistrov
13:30-14:00                                                                  Anatoli Bourmistrov, NORD
Calculative Practices for Making (In)credible Promises: How Economic Information is Mobilized in Scenarios for Smart City Development
14:00-14:30 Ellen Kulset, NHH
Testing internal controls in small populations

Kasper Vagle, NHH
Negotiated settlements in corporate bribery cases

Energy & Natural Resources II
Auditorium Agnar Sandmo
Chair: Leif Sandal
13.30-14:00 Ørjan Mydland, NHH
Lost economies of scope and merger gains in the Norwegian electricity industry
14:00-14:30 Evangelos Kyritsis, NHH
Electricity Market Flexibility and Renewables Intermittency: New evidence from Quantile Causality

Saiful Hasan, NORD
Policy measures supporting the increase in electric vehicle market share  – a conceptual study with evidence from China and Norway

Discussant: Evangelos Kyritsis

Finance I
Auditorium Terje Hansen
Chair: Jøril Mæland
13.30-14:00 Knut K. Aase, NHH
Heterogeneity and equilibrium with recurisve utility agents

Vu Le Tran, NORD
An investigation in the role of variation in liquidity and how it affects the cross-section of stock returns

Discussant: Thore Johnsen


Valeriia Klova, UIS
Equity trading costs have fallen less than commonly thought. Evidence using alternative trading cost estimators

Discussant: Erik Haugom

Strategy I
Auditorium Finn Kydland
Chair: Arne Nygaard

Leif-Magnus Jensen
Outcomes of reshoring for Swedish firms – the influence of industrial networks

Discussant: Arne Nygard


Deodat E. Mwesiumo, HIMolde
Achieving partner’s acquiescence, that is, partner’s acceptance or adherence to the firm’s specific requests and policies is critical in interfirm exchanges

Discussant: Aksel Rokkan

14:30-15:00 Arne Nygaard, Høyskolen Kristiania
From Linear to Circular Organization: Towards an Ecological Theory of the Firm
Auditorium Jan Mossin
Chair: Ingeborg A. Kleppe

Torbjørn Årethun, HVL
What can schools do to increase entrepreneurial intentions among girls? Analysis of data from Norway and Slovakia

Discussant: Jarle Bastesen


Per Engelseth, HIMolde
Notes on Customer-Proximate Production

Discussant: Magne Supphellen

14:30-15:00 Natalia Mæhle, HVL & Ingeborg A. Kleppe, NHH
Green crowdfunding: Business models, challenges and opportunities
Pedagogical methods I
Auditorium 24
Chair: Judit J. Bragelien
13.30-14:00 Christian Jørgensen, UiB
Underviseren som ikke liker å undervise

Tarjei Alvær Heggernes, HVL
Podcasting for better overview and coordination in higher education

Discussant: Arild Raaheim

14:30-15:00 Cathrine Borgen, NLA
Ethics and didactics