Parallel session 1

Parallel session 1

Thursday 4 January, 11:30-12:30.

Accounting and Management Control I
Auditorium Terje Hansen
Chair: Per Christian Ahlgren

Grete Helle, NHH
Changing Style of Accountability - a case study of a Beyond Budgeting company aiming to reduce cost

12:00-12:30 Per Christian Ahlgren, NTNU
The evolving nature of management control systems in public sector inter-organizational relations
Business Economics I 
Auditorium Jan Mossin
Chair: Øystein Foros

Mai Nguyen-Ones, NHH
Competition when Big Data allow for Personalized Pricing and Product Customization

Discussant: Kenneth Fjell

12:00-12:30 Andreas Olden, NHH
Do self-service checkouts change customers’ shopping pattern in grocery stores?
Energy & Natural Resources I
Auditorium Agnar Sandmo
Chair: Jonas Andersson

Yuanming Ni, NHH
Bring seasonality and multidimensional states into dynamic optimization problems in fishery

Discussant: Jonas Andersson


Even Fallan, INN
A study of companies’ and industries’ use of environmental reporting in connection with environmental disasters and crises

Discussant: Niklas Kreander

Auditorium Finn Kydland
Chair: Torstein Nesheim

Torstein Nesheim, SNF
Inter-organizational cooperation: Fighting work related crime

Discussant: Olav Kvitstein


Olav A. Kvitastein, HVL
The troublesome education to work transition - Professional commitment and the motivational content of the job

Discussant: Karen Modesta Olsen

Behavioural Economics
Auditorium 21
Chair: Ingvild Lindgren Skarpeid

Jon Reiersen, USN
What drives trust and trustworthiness?

Dicussant: Ingvild Lindgren Skarpeid

12:00-12:30 Ingvild Lindgren Skarpeid, NHH
Talent as luck? An experimental study on inequality acceptance