Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium is organised as part of the FIBE 2018 conference on Wednesday 3 January 2018, the day prior to the FIBE Conference.

FIBE PhD Colloquium 2018 - PROGRAMME Wednesday 3 January



Entrance A - New building



Lab 1


KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Bertil Tungodden

The PhD-journey: Some reflections from a supervisor (PDF 0.7mb)

Lab 1


Parallel Sessions I

Property values

Venue: Lab 1
Chair: Ida Qvenild Nesset

Ida Qvenild Nesset, NTNU 
The impact of historic preservation on residential property values: A case study from Norway 
Discussant: Gunnar Eskeland

Marte Flått, NTNU
Four essays on real estate pricing
Discussant: Ola Grytten

Four essays on factors behind the prices of housing services 
Discussant: Ola Grytten


Venue: Lab 2
Chair: Magne Angelshaug

Magne Angelshaug, NHH
Enhancing the understanding of business model innovation and open innovation
Discussant: Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen

Birgitte Hovdan Molden,Nord
The role of innovation policy in shaping firm innovation capabilities
Discussant: Jarle Møen

Julie Ågnes, SNF
Dealing with change processes that involve offshoring and outsourcing of advanced tasks and services
Discussant: Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe



Employee canteen


Parallel Sessions II


Venue: Lab 1
Chair: Andre Lot

Andre Lot, NHH
The annuity puzzle and the nonrational retiree
Discussant: Svein‐Arne Persson

Muhammad Kashif, Nord
Right Tail Preference and Asset Returns
Discussant: Ole Gjølberg

Vu Le Tran, Nord
Stable liquidity
Discussant: Ole Gjølberg

Consumer behaviour

Venue: Lab 2
Chair: Katrine Nødtvedt

Katrine Nødtvedt, NHH
Consumer behavior in the sharing economy
Discussant: Herbjørn Nysveen

Hege Mathea Haugen, NHH
The role of consumer trust in digital self‐services technology
Discussant: Seidali Kurtmollaiev


Coffee break

Corridor - New building




Venue: Lab 1
Chair: Roy-Ivar Andreassen

Roy‐Ivar Andreassen, NTNU
Digitalization and management accounting – A short proposal
Discussant: Anna Mette Fuglseth

Karen Osmundsen, NHH
Understanding the implications of digitalisation
Discussant: Kjell Grønhaug


Venue: Lab 2
Chair: Bård Fyhn

Bård Fyhn, NHH
Building Team Psychological Safety
Discussant: Hallgeir Sjåstad

Inger Basker, NHH
Knowledge Flows in Global Professional Service Firms
Discussant: Bjarne Espedal



The dual challenge of academic writing: Effective argumentation - in effective English (PDF 1mb)

Lab 1


Taco dinner

Employee canteen

  • Guidelines for presenters and session chair persons

    Guidelines for presenters and session chair persons

    The Doctoral Colloquium is organised in parallel sessions according to topics. A time slot of 35 minutes is allocated to present and discuss each proposal. Presenters are requested to prepare a presentation of 15 – 20 minutes emphasising their research problem, intended contribution and research approach. The discussant will comment on the proposal for about 10 minutes, leaving time also for questions from and discussion with the audience.

    Before each session, the session chair persons control that the presenters have arrived, and that the presentations function on the technical equipment available. During the session, the chairs announce the presenters and the discussants – and take care that the presenters keep to the above time limits. 

    Technical assistance will be available.

  • How to travel from Flesland to NHH?

    How to travel from Flesland to NHH?

    There is a “flybuss” leaving Flesland every hour on the hour. Look for the route “Bergen lufthavn – Åsane – Fyllingsdalen” and get off at “Handelshøyskolen”. It costs NOK 145 and takes about 30 minutes.

    Alternatively, you can take the “Bybanen” or a bus to the centre. Then you take another bus (lines 3, 4, 5, 6 or 83) from “Christies gate” to NHH. Check that the bus stops at “Handelshøyskolen”. It costs NOK 37 and takes about an hour. 

The Colloquium offers new doctoral students an opportunity to present and discuss their research proposal with senior researchers in their field of research, as well as to interact with fellow doctoral students working on similar research problems.

Doctoral students who wish to present and discuss their research proposal at the Colloquium are required to submit a short proposal of 4 – 5 pages addressing:

  • their research problem
  • how the research problem relates to present insights
  • the intended research contribution
  • how the research problem is planned to be studied

Participation in the Doctoral Colloquium is free and includes lunch, attendance at a get together taco dinner in the evening, and two invited talks by NHH professors:

  • Trine Dahl: The dual challenge of academic writing: effective argumentation − in effective English
  • Bertil Tungodden: The PhD-journey: Some reflections from a supervisor.