Facing the Challenges of Digitalisation

In recent years, digitalisation - the use of digital technologies to managing and analysing big data, changing business models, and providing new value creating opportunities - has become one of the most important managerial tools for business and industry transformation.

This year's FIBE conference will focus on how businesses can cope with the challenges of digitalisation, and how business schools should respond to the ever-increasing demand for digital competence and understanding in the business world.

The FIBE conference has established itself as the key meeting place for the Norwegian business administration research and higher education community. It raises topical research themes and trends, aims to strengthen and stimulate research, and develop networks between researchers from different educational and research institutions.


In addition to the regular research paper sessions, there will be one or more sessions focusing on pedagogical issues and teaching methods.


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Abstract Submission

Final deadline for registration and submission of summary (abstract) and participation in the award competition is 27 November 2017.

The abstract must not exceed 150 words. The participant chooses whether the research contribution (paper) will be available for everyone.

Final registration will only occur once the conference fee has been paid. Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

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