Norwegian Tax Accounting Symposium 2018

Norwegian Tax Accounting Symposium 2018

Powered by Norwegian Center for Taxation and Deloitte Norge

Income taxes are an important cost for firms and a major revenue source for governments. Being under pressure from international developments and income shifting, tax-related regulation became very complex nowadays. The aim of the conference is to understand how tax, audit, and financial accounting rules and incentives shape firms’ decisions over tax reporting, financial reporting, auditing, and investment. The conference also aims to develop and convey new accounting research that will help inform practitioners and policymakers as they confront new challenges in corporate reporting and regulation.

Thereto, we want to bring together leading researchers from Europe and North America to foster and enhance collaboration with academics in Nordic countries. We seek to replicate in Scandinavia the close feedback between academia, practice, and policy as is done in North America, to make academic research more relevant and accessible to corporate and regulatory stakeholders. Therefore, conference participants will be international accounting researchers, representatives from the Norwegian Tax Authority, and practitioners from Deloitte Norge.

Besides presentations of recent research, there will be a panel discussion on promising avenues and new topics for further research in tax accounting. Panel members are Jennifer Blouin (associate editor at Journal of Accounting and Economics), Kenneth Klassen (editor at Contemporary Accounting Research), Martin Jacob (associate editor at European Accounting Review), and a partner from Deloitte Norge.

The event is co-funded by the Norwegian Center for Taxation and Deloitte Norge. It will take place at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at the historical Hanseatic Quarter Bryggen. Participation is upon invitation only.