Arriving to bergen

17 August 2017 20:10

Arriving to bergen

mWe look forward to welcoming you to the 7th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems on 23-26 August 2017 at the Norwegian School of Economics.

This is some practical information to assist you in your arrival in Bergen.


Getting from the Airport to the City Centre and NHH

Bybanen or light rail. You will find ticket machines on all light rail platforms; credit cards are accepted. If you buy your ticket at the machines, you will pay NOK 37, while it will cost you around NOK 60 if you decide to pay cash. The trip to city centre (use the last stop named Byparken) lasts around 45 min.

Flybussen (the airport bus) travels frequently between the airport and the city centre.  The duration of travel depends on the time of day, and can be as much as 35 minutes in peak-hour traffic. The fare for a one-way ticket is NOK 100; you can purchase the ticket online or onboard by cash (Norwegian currency only) or card. The bus stops where you can get off if your hotel is located in the city centre are called Festplassen and Fisketorget.

Taxis are readily available from the airport to Bergen city centre, but the cost for a taxi ride is significantly higher than bus and light rail (NOK 600-700). Taxi drivers accept cash and various credit cards. We recommend not using taxis. You only save a few minutes compared to using the bus.

Buses to NHH

NHH is about 10 minutes by bus from the city centre and buses depart frequently. There are several bus stops in the city centre (as indicated on this map) The buses to NHH are marked with number 3, 4, 5, 6, 39, 83. The bus stop where you shall get off is called Handelshøyskole. Do not take a bus where the letter “E” has been added to the bus number (such as 3E, 4E etc). You will receive a bus card immediately after the reception on Wednesday, or during registration, if you do not come to the reception (see below).

Taxi to NHH

Taxis are available at several designated taxi ranks in the city centre. A taxi ride takes some 5-10 minutes and will cost approximately NOK 200-250.


On a nice day, you may choose to walk the 1 hour distance between the city centre and NHH.


The welcome reception will be offered by the Municipality of Bergen and will take place at Håkon’s hall (you will find the venue on this map). The reception lasts 1 hour. Light refreshments and wine / mineral water will be served. Registration will take place on Thursday , 24 August at NHH. But you will receive a bus card that will cover two daily trips during the three days the conference lasts immediately after the reception. Please meet us outside Håkon’s Hall once the reception is over. We will be easily recognizable (badges and t-shirts).


The conference location is NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Helleveien 30, 5045  Bergen). Daily refreshments, lunch and one conference dinner will be provided for all participants, as well as free WiFi for the duration of the conference.



Those who have registered for the site visit will be picked up at NHH at 12:00 noon on Friday, 25 August.  Please note that you must bring your passport for the site visit (Norwegian nationals may bring their driver's licence). Please notice that we have a rather tight schedule that day and the buses will depart no later than 12:00 from NHH and latest at 16:10 from Mongstad.


The conference dinner on Friday 25 August has been booked at Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is located right by the sea on a small island and the boat departs from Dreggekaien Shed No. 8 (please see this map). We kindly ask you to be there no later than 18:30.

Please note that there is no other transport option for getting to and from the island.



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