Personal toolkit for working abroad

Are you a third year bachelor or master student at NHH looking to live and work abroad?

Do you want to explore and develop the competencies and qualities needed to pursue a successful international career and learn how to present them to a future employer?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then this highly interactive one day course is what you’re looking for.

We only have ten spots so be quick to sign up!

Interactive course

Working abroad requires a global mindset and broad skills base. And being able to define and map them out is essential when entering an international recruitment process. This year we offer a highly interactive course that is tailor made to give you as an individual a deeper understanding of what preferences, competencies and skills you hold and how they can be developed.

A questionnaire based profiling tool and in depth peer to peer discussions will allow you to better understand the energy you bring to a set of accepted competencies which are needed to succeed in unfamiliar circumstances.

Experienced mentors

Together with experienced mentors you will get guidance on your results in order to prepare and implement a personal development plan and effective strategies so you can be positioned to succeed in an international environment.