Help NHH to promote its international quality

Help NHH to promote its international quality

Your financial support can contribute to high international quality.

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NHH shall be a leading international college, showing the way in the development and dissemination of knowledge and expertise. The college competes at an international level and aspires to increase the proportion of highly qualified international students on campus. The college recruits around 100 international students annually.

International focus

In order to reinforce NHH's position internationally, it is important to provide incentives that promote outstanding academic achievements among our international students. This will ensure international accreditations and strengthen diversity.

What does NHH wish to achieve with the scholarship and who can apply?

NHH seeks to recruit highly qualified international students. The college wishes to attract outstanding students with an international background and give an incentive that encourages high-level academic performance.

Students with an international background who have completed the first semester of a master's degree can apply for the scholarship.In considering applications, importance will be attached to applicants' grades, progression and motivation. The scholarship is paid out in portions after completion of the semester, and there is a presumption that the progression and grade levels are maintained as the programme of study progresses.

Your contribution is important!

As alumni, you are important to us, and we hope you see the value of our commitment to attracting highly qualified international students. In requesting your assistance, any contribution you may care to make, whether it be NOK 100, 250, 500, or more if you wish, would be greatly appreciated.

Your support will help to maintain and enhance the high quality that characterises NHH.

Many thanks.

Øystein Thørgersen

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