Re-examined: Harald Eide-Fredriksen

7 July 2016 11:21

(updated: 7 July 2016 11:27)

Re-examined: Harald Eide-Fredriksen

Harald Eide-Fredriksen

Why did you decide to study at NHH?

For me, it was a toss-up between BI Norwegian Business School and NHH. I went for NHH because I wanted to get away from Bærum where I grew up, and I was also influenced by hearing about the good environment and the excellent lecturers here. Going to NHH was pretty prestigious!

What did you decide to take as your specialisation?

I decided to study a mix of economics, and organisation and management.
Have you taken any further education after graduating from NHH?
I have attended the AFF Young Leaders Programme at Solstrand. It is an excellent programme and it proved extremely beneficial to me when I was given more management responsibility in MEC.

Tell us about your career!

After a fantastic time at NHH, it was difficult to choose a career. I had many different interests, and I sort of made up my mind by accident. My first job was with Radio 1 in Oslo. It was an exciting time to be working in radio – the commercial radio sector really took off. I then started working for MEC, where I have held various positions up to the present. We help large and small advertisers to manage their advertising investments as effectively as possible.

What has your education at NHH meant to you in your choice of career?

I got my first job through the network and contacts I had built at NHH. During my time there, I was also in charge of PR for the Uken festival, which was what got me interested in the media industry and brand building.


  • Age: 44
  • Job: CEO of MEC (formerly Mediaedge:CIA)
  • Graduated: 1993

Do you keep in touch with the people you studied with at NHH? Is it important to you?

Both the work on Uken and membership of Svæveru’ have meant a lot to me – I still keep in touch with my fellow students from that time. The extra-curricular activities at NHH were very important.

Tell us about your most vivid NHH memory!

One of my most vivid NHH memories is actually quite recent. A group of us were asked to organise an alumni reunion in Oslo in connection with the school's 75th anniversary last year, and I was amazed by what you can accomplish when resourceful people from NHH get together like that. There was a huge response and the atmosphere was fantastic when former NHH students met at Sentrum Scene in Oslo last autumn. It goes to show that people are fond of the school and that they had a great time there.

Do you have any advice to NHH students about getting a job?

Many students are obsessed with their CVs and formal qualifications. I think it's important to think of your education at NHH as a springboard that won't necessarily decide exactly what you'll end up working with. My advice is to really think through what you want to do. It's often more a case of finding the right person for the right job rather than the right CV for the right job. And get involved in the student union!

And finally: Did you leave behind a pair of underpants in 'Truseloftet’...?

I usually wore a kilt when I was there, so that should answer your question...