Greetings from the Rector

Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø meets new undergraduates.
NHH By rektor Øystein Thøgersen

23 August 2019 09:33

Greetings from the Rector

A new semester has just started and the Welcome Week showed a lot of enthusiasm, high levels of activity and a case programme involving both students and alumns. For our alumni we offer new activities, a new mentor programme and the big alumni conference, FRAM, in Oslo.

Rector Øystein Thøgersen. Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun.
Rector Øystein Thøgersen. Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun.

Last week was the Welcome Week for new students at NHH. Including international exchange students, we welcomed more than 1 000 new students. Last year we introduced new academic elements to the Welcome Week with great success, and we have developed it further this year. Throughout the first week, the new students work in groups with different case projects. On the last day of the Welcome Week, the students met and presented their case solutions for a large group of voluntary mentors recruited among our NHH Alumni. NHH also had the pleasure of hosting the Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø, who received a presentation and even took part in some of the activities herself.

Alumni events this fall

NHH Alumni continues to test new concepts this semester. AVO Consulting, with partner Christoffer Pettersen, awarded alumn of the year 2018, will host events both in their Oslo and Bergen offices. Norwegian Rain welcomes our alumni to their flagship store in Le Marais, Paris. We are also launching our first US alumni event in New York. If you would like to invite alumni to your company, please contact us. We know a lot of you are involved in projects and businesses that would be exiting to learn more about.

The first alumni event this fall is Finance Breakfast in Oslo Friday 30 August. More events with NHH alumns and faculty will take place in Oslo, Bergen and other cities this fall.

NHH Alumni Finance Breakfast

We welcome you to Finance Breakfast in Oslo with Associate Professor Aksel Mjøs and Assistant Professor José Albuquerque de Sousa in our NHH Oslo Campus.

The Alumni conference: FRAM

The big alumni event is of course the Alumni conference, FRAM, at Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo. Many alumns have already signed up – but we have room for more. New this year is that the conference starts at 12 o’clock and continues almost seamlessly into a social event with entertainment and dining through the afternoon and evening. Are you unable to attend the whole programme, we would very much like you to participate in the parts that fit into your schedule! 


Alumnikonferansen er NHHs fremste møteplass for våre tidligere studenter. Bli inspirert og oppdatert på det siste innen forskning og næringsliv. Møt toneangivende forskere, sentrale agendasettere og - ikke minst - flere hundre andre alumner.

Rehabilitation of the main building

In Bergen, the high-rise is now in full rehabilitation mode and parts of campus are therefore a construction site with fences and scaffoldings. Luckily, we are using the old Merino building and NHH activities can carry on without interruptions of any kind. Although this is working well we do look forward to the re-opening of the high-rise and the rest of the 1963 building. When the rehabilitation is finished in the spring semester of 2021, we will have new case auditoriums and other modern facilities.


International benchmarking is important for NHH. We are currently working on our AACSB accreditation - an addition to the EQUIS accreditation we already have. Rankings are also important – so we strongly encourage you and hope you can take the time to reply if you are selected as recipient of either The Financial Times or The Economist rankings.