Teaching at NHH

Teaching at NHH

NHH's primary goal is to provide education at a high international level.

Subsidiary goal 2 in NHH's Strategy expands on this by specifying that teaching shall be on a par with the best international institutions in its field.

These are ambitious goals, and the goals outline some areas which is important for NHH to work on to achieve these goals. The question is which of these are in place and which need a greater focus.

NHH's teaching shall be research-based. Teaching presumes a close contact between students and active researchers, with relevant research in the area as a point of departure.

Teaching shall build on established prior knowledge, and insight into scientific ways of working shall be conveyed to the students.

Student learning outcomes shall be in focus, and the organisation of the teaching, course activities, the examination format etc., will vary depending on the subject, level, class size, resources, etc.

Research-based teaching also means that the choice of teaching methods and forms of assessment shall be based on what research on pedagogy has shown to be appropriate.

All courses shall have a good educational design and be taught in an inspiring manner, while striking a balance between theory and practical application.

For many years there has been a steady development towards more group work and alternative forms of teaching and assessment. The strategy envisions continued pedagogical development work at NHH, with technological developments being a relatively new dimension.

Guidelines and frameworks at the overarching level are set by the Board. The Board has adopted regulations and resource frameworks that the departments and Academic Programme Committees govern in accordance with.

In the NHH matrix for teaching, Academic Programme Committees and the departments in practice cooperate about which courses to offer, which resources are available, guidelines for teaching methods and forms of assessment, etc.

The responsibility for initiating and coordinating joint activities about pedagogical development and innovation has been placed with the Pedagogical Committee.

NHH has an Adjunct Professor in pedagogy who, among other things, provides guidance for lecturers and is responsible for the pedagogy course for new staff members.

In terms of technical and administrative resources, the Committee has a permanent secretary and a 50 per cent position has been set aside to work on education technology.