The Quality Assurance System of NHH

The Quality Assurance System of NHH

NHH offers education on a high international level. The Quality Assurance System secures that the study programmes at NHH maintain high quality and a positive development.

The following quality aspects structure the different processes and activities within the quality assurance system:

  • Management quality
  • Framework quality
  • Admission quality
  • Programme and teaching quality
  • Result quality
  • Relevance quality 

A description of the different aspects of quality is found in the Framework quality, which will be published shortly. The Framework quality also describes the division of responsibilities and distribution of responsibility, reporting routines and processes of importance, to the education quality.

The course evaluations are the spine of the quality assurance system of NHH. The courses are evaluated every year and the lecturers, and the results are handled by the management of the departments and the programme boards.

Course Evaluation

The students evaluate the courses in Its learning. The theacher responsible of the courses will receive the results.

course reports

The teacher responsible course responsible write their reports based on the course evaluations and their own evaluations of the course. The department and the programme boards are the receivers of the course reports and the course evaluations.


The departments are responsible for their courses as well as for delivering the course descriptions to the relevant programme board. The departments evaluate the quality of the courses based on the course reports and other indicators and have the primary responsiblity to improve courses if they are not working well. 

NHH's quality assurance system is currently being revised. This page will be updated when the revision is complete.