IT Help for New Students

IT Help for New Students

Get going with NHH's IT services.

Here you will find a summary of the most important information found in our IT Guide that have been sent to you. A PDF version of the guide is available from the link list. 

  • Password


    To get started with your user account, you need to make a password

    Make password at

    Your password needs to be renewed after 13 months.

  • Email address

    Email address

    Your NHH email address is on the format 

    You can check what your email address is on NHH user look up.

    Go to User Lookup

  • Username


    NHH offers a range of online services that require that you log in with your NHH credentials.

    email address

    You use your email address as username for the following services

    • Wireless network (eduroam)
    • Webmail (NHH email)
    • Canvas (LMS - Learning Management System)
    • PCs in library and computer lab
    • IT user guides online (
    • Printing account (
    • Virtual desktop (VMware)
    • Office 365 (Office 2016 and cloud storage)

    FEIDE and student number

    You use your student number as your username on services that use "Feide" log in. (Feide is a joint log in solution for universities and university colleges in Norway)

    • itslearning (Learning Management System)
    • StudentWeb (course registration)
    • (library database)
    • Student ID App
    • WISEflow (digital assessment)
  • Printing account

    Printing account

    NHH charges users for printing to its network printers. The charges are collected using a software system called ePay. New students get a credit of 50 NOK their first semester.The first time you print you will be asked about a PIN code and a PUK code. You choose the PIN code yourself.

    The PUK code will be sent to your NHH email account. You can also find it at under Setup -> Genereate New PUK to the right side of the screen.

    PriCES (nok)
    single sided black and white 0,20
    colors 0,75
    double sided black and white 0,25
    colors 1,25
    copy black and white 0,90
    colors 0,90
    scan free

    add printer to your computer

    You will updated user guides on how to add a printer to your Mac or PC on Log in using your student email address and your password.


    You will find a link to the Xerox printer driver in the menu on the right.

    add funds to your account

    You can add funds to your printing account using VISA or MasterCard on You may also administer your PUK codes here.

    Go to EPAY.NHH.NO

    If you are not connected to the internet through eduroam, you need to connect to NHH's network through VPN to get access to ePay. Please check our user guides on how to get started with VPN on

  • Microsoft Office and OneDrive

    Microsoft Office and OneDrive

    As an NHH student you have access to Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Office 2016 and 1TB cloud storage in OneDrive

    You can share documents with your fellow students using your student accounts. You can edit documents in real time using both Word online and Word on your Mac or PC.

    Log in using your your NHH email address and password.

    GO to OFFICE 365

  • VMware


    Virtual desktop clients are available in the library and the computer labs.

    You will find a range of programs that are useful for your studies at NHH. Among others you will find Microsoft Office, Stata, SPSS, Minitab and Gretl.

    NHH students can also access these programs through a virtual desktop on their own computer. Download and install VMware Horizon Client to use this. 

    Log in using your NHH email address and your password.

    Please check out our user guides on to get started.

    Go to

  • VPN


    You have access to all of NHH's online resources when connected to eduroam.

    When you are connected to the internet from home, you need to connect to NHH's network through a VPN to get access to the same online resources. This includes online lectures, your printing account and the library's online databases.

    Download and install Junos Pulse Secure from the right menu.

    Please check out our userguide on VPN at to get started.


    You log on using your email address and password.

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