Entrepreneurship: 10 Weeks to Launch

NBD490 Entrepreneurship: 10 Weeks to Launch

Høst 2020

Vår 2021
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    Mandatory Textbook

    Neck, H.M., Neck C.P., and Murray E.L. (2018) Entrepreneurship: The Practice and the Mindset Sage Publishing. The book is available both in hardcopy as well as digital. You can order the book through the Sage website: https://edge.sagepub.com/neckentrepreneurshiphttps://edge.sagepub.com/neckentrepreneurship

    Please order the textbook as soon as possible so you have it well in advance. 

    Additional reading

    • Cases that can be purchases through a course package on harvard (details follow)
    • Additional articles uploaded via Canvas