Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, major in Marketing and Brand Management


Structure of the programme

 The MSc in Marketing and Brand Management is one of eight specialisations in the two year Master of Science programme at NHH, and is wholly taught in English. The programme consists of 12 courses and a thesis. Together they add up to a total of 120 points (equivavelnt to ECTS credits) -90 points for the 12 courses, and 30 points for the thesis.

The programme enables the specialisation in Marketing and Brand Management to be combined with courses in other fields. The general course plan comprises:

  • 6 core courses from the Marketing and Brand Management specialisation
  • 6 elective courses from amongst all the Master of Science specialisations at NHH
  • Thesis

The programme is spread over four semesters, with four courses taken each semester. The final semester is dedicated to the thesis.

The other Master of Science specialisations offered at NHH are:

  • Business Analysis and Performance Management
  • Economic Analysis
  • Economics
  • Energy Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Financial Economics
  • International Business
  • Strategy and Management

It is recommended to take four courses within the same secialisation in order to get a minor profile in addition to your major in Marketing and Brand Management.


NHH has instituted a research distinction track (RDT) leading to a "Master of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration with Research Distinction." Read more about Research distinction here. 

Learning outcome

The program will provide a candidate with a broad platform from which to work in business, public administration and other organizations as specialists, advisors or management. The program provides a foundation for work in most sectors, including finance, consultancy, accounting, oil/gas, IT/telecom, industry, media, public administration and non-profit organizations. Candidates will also be well prepared to progress to doctoral studies, whether Norwegian or foreign.

By the end of their studies, candidates will have gained in-depth and current knowledge of relevant theories and empirical data, being able to independently refresh their competence and employ new developments throughout their careers. Candidates will therefore have obtained disciplinary insight at a high international level, have developed strong analytic competency, have learned to work independently and innovatively with advanced problems, be able to communicate with both specialists and others, and be able to reflect on ethical issues and social responsibility.

Mandatory courses

The MSc in Marketing and Brand Management is a program specially aimed at students who want to lead and make decisions in the marketing department of a firm or organisation, including positions such as product manager, brand manager, marketing analytic or head of marketing.

Students have to take one methodology course, either MBM400A (Research for Brand Decisions) or STR402A (Methodology for Master Thesis), and at least one out of two basic consumer behavior courses, MBM 401B (Consumer Behavior) or MBM 402B (Brand Equity). Although only one of the courses, MBM401B and MBM402B is mandatory, we do recommend students to take both courses.

The MBM programme is closely linked to the real world through its application of conceptual theory to practical case studies. Through the course of their studies, students are expected to develop extensive theoretical knowledge, solid practical skills and a global marketing mindset.


Learning outcome:

In the course of their studies, master`s students will complete a thesis in which students will explore in depth one or two related problems. Through working on the thesis, students will develop their analytical skills and gain a deeper understanding of theoretical and/or empirical possibilities and challenges within their chosen field. Students will also be trained to think and work independently, either alone or with another student. During their thesis, students will analyze and critically approach various sources of information, employing these to structure and formulate academic arguments. The work shall be done in compliance with valid research ethical norms. Overall, the thesis shall exhibit understanding, reflection and maturity.

Your thesis may be:

  • A thesis on a single topic
  • A combination of maximum three thematically related papers, together with a synthesis

Tutoring is mandatory, and two students may cooperate in writing their thess. The thesis should be between 50 and 80 pages. If two students cooperate, an increase in length of about 50 per cent is expected.

The thesis must be written in English.
You can read more about the thesis here. 

Exchange program

The opportunities for exchange enable the MSc in Marketing and Brand Management at NHH to become a truly international experience, with a semester taken at one of our partner schools elsewhere in Europe or perhaps on another continent.

The exchange opportunities are open to all MSc in Marketing and Brand Management students, with the widest choice available to those who already have a grounding in a second major European language (in addition to English) as some of our exchange partners have language requirements based on their main language of teaching.