Accommodation provided by SiB

For international MSc students and exchange students, housing will be provided at Fantoft or Hatleberg student hostel. For more information take a look here or contact SiB

The contract

Upon arrival at Hatleberg or Fantoft,  the student must fill in the addition to the standard lease, so that the rental contract may be completed.

The contract must be signed immediately and the deposit must be paid on arrival. The deposit will be returned to you after you are back in your home country, it may unfortunately not be used to pay last months rent.

In the fall semester the contract is valid from 1 August to 31 December. The room is reserved from this date, and the rent must be paid from 1 August, even if you arrive in September. In the spring semester the contract is valid from 1 January to 31 May. Even if the student arrives in the middle of the month, the rent must be paid for the whole month. This is in accordance with the agreement between NHH and SiB, which makes it possible for us to guarantee housing for incoming students.

Laundry facilities

At the student hostels, you will find a study hall, a TV-room, table-tennis, billiards, a solarium and Laundry facilities. When you receive the key to your room, you will also receive a card for the washing machines and the dryers. Each time you use the facilities will be recorded, and every month you receive an invoice for the amount due. Laundry facilities are located within the complex.

Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils are not provided at the student residence. Please bring your own or buy upon arrival. You may be able to borrow from others, but you must ask beforehand and of course clean everything immediately after use. It is only the stove, the microwave oven, the fridge and the freezer that are for common use.

For a look at Hatleberg Student Accomodation, please see: 

Accommodation in private apartments

The best thing about living outside the student house in a private apartment is that you will have more opportunities to experience daily living as an Norwegian might, and have a better chance to get to know its people and culture than you will if you are surrounded by international students who may be strangers to Norway.

As Norway has really good living conditions, expect to find attractive apartments completely heated and insulated, furnished with comfortable furniture and equipped with TV, an Internet connection, laundry facilities and all the necessary household appliances.

Be aware of the fact that apartment prices are higher than in the student accommodations and there is a huge demand on housing,  especially in the beginning of the academic year. 

These factors make it a real challenge for finding an attractive apartment at a price that you can afford.

Prices may vary according to the location and living conditions, but on the average they range from 3500 NOK for a private room in a shared flat, to 15 000 NOK for  the whole apartment.

You can expect to find more expensive apartments in the areas close to the city center with less expensive places in the outlying neighborhoods.

Despite the issue of cost, good apartments well linked with the city center through the local transport network and with great views can be found throughout Bergen.

Offers with apartments for rent are available on specialized websites, local newspapers, estate agents, or at the message board at the grocery shops. 

Check the following links with rental apartment ads, most of them are in Norwegian:
• (hotels, for short term accommodation)

As a tip, it is strongly recommended to phone the landlord as soon as possible once you have found a proper apartment, as competition for housing in Norway is very fierce.  In addition, it is a good idea to advertise yourself as a prospective tenant in the local press.