Accommodation provided by SiB

SiB, the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen, provides housing at a reasonable cost to all exchange and MSc students. 

Once you have been admitted you will receive a personal reservation code from your coordinator at NHH to be used when applying for a room. The deadline for applying for accommodation is 15 May for the fall semester and 1 November for the spring semester.

We recommend you to apply for the Hatleberg student residence which is situated on the NHH campus, about 10 minutes with bus from the city center.

Read more about accommodation provided by SiB.

Accommodation in private apartments

As Norway has really good living conditions, expect to find attractive apartments completely heated and insulated, furnished with comfortable furniture and equipped with TV, an Internet connection, laundry facilities and all the necessary household appliances.

Be aware of the fact that apartment prices are higher than in the student accommodations and there is a huge demand on housing,  especially in the beginning of the academic year. 

You can find rental apartment ads at and (both in Norwegian).