Louvain School of Management

Programme description
This double degree programme gives you the opportunity to choose between two different master degrees at LSM, no matter which specialisation you choose at NHH.
MSc in Management Science
• Put theories and concepts of management into effective and competent use in a professional setting.
• Put organizations into their socio-economic and institutional context in order to understand the interdependences between organization and environment and translate them into management decisions.
• To take account of the challenges of global competition in the practical application of socially responsible management techniques. 
MSc in Business Engineering
• Model and formalize problems and management situations with a view to finding solutions and improvements (management science).
• In the industrial world, to make use of technological processes and be able to manage them.
• To understand the complexity of the issues facing innovative businesses and be able to manage them. 
• To make use of technology and innovation in ‘socially responsible’ management techniques. 

Programme structure

Year one
Year two
1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
4 courses equal to 30 ECTS within one of the NHH specialisations
2 courses equal to 15 ECTS within one of the NHH specialisations
Advanced courses & specialisation part 1 within one of the LSM Masters
Advanced courses & specialisation part 1 within one of the LSM Masters
Thesis, 30 ECTS (shared between institutions)
NHH MSc in Economics and Business Administration
UCL Master in Management Science or Master in Business Engineering

Please note:
• All students, no matter what specialisation you decide to choose at NHH, can apply for this double degree programme involving one of the LSM masters.
• Regarding the Master thesis, you will have two supervisors. One from NHH and one from LSM. 

Programme content/ details