NHH Double degree programme

Application deadline for the double degree programme: 1 November 2015

Admission process and online application form

Please note: You must be a student at NHH, either in the final year of the bachelor program or in the first semester of the MSc program to be allowed to apply.

A double degree gives selected students the opportunity to spend the first year of their MSc degree at NHH, and the second year at one of the following partner universities:

After completion of the programme you will be awarded a degree certificate from both NHH and from another leading international business school. This signifies greater professional insight, deeper intercultural experience and higher competence, and will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge in pursuing your career goals.

Challenge yourself
A double degree is first and foremost for determined and motivated students who wish to challenge themselves academically. Students follow a set programme that fulfills the academic requirements for the Master degree at both NHH and the partner institution. These requirements can vary depending on the partner institution.
Programme description-/ structure-/content: