Associate Professor Marita Kristiansen


Marita Kristiansen 


Telephone: +47 55 959 282
Fax: +47 55 959 100
Title: Associate professor,
Nationality: Norwegian
Teaching languages: Norwegian, English
CV (English version)    

Teaching areas/course definitions
Undergraduate: English for business and administration (institutions, business communication), LSP and terminology

Terminology management, specialised communication skills

Present: Language resources and technology, domain and term dynamics, neology studies, language planning, corpus–based terminology studies, economic-administrative terminology
Former: Terminography, administrative terminology, disciplinary autonomy

Selected publications:




Termdist – a joint Nordic terminology training initiative. To appear in Nordic Terminology Statement – Visions and Applications. Nordic Academic Press [with co-author Ágústa  Þorbergsdóttir]


Domain loss. On parallel language use, language policy and terminology. In Ruijsendaal, E. and C. Wermuth (eds) TiNT-dag 2013. Gent: Academia Press, 9-25.

Concept change, term dynamics and cultural boundedness in economic-administrative domains. In Temmerman, R. & M. Van Campenhoudt (eds) Dynamics and Terminology. An interdisciplinary perspective on monolingual and multilingual culture-bound communication. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 235-256.

Landrapport Norge: Internasjonalisering og parallellspråklighet ved norske universitet og høyskoler.  In Frans Gregersen (ed) Hvor parallelt Om parallellspråkighet på Nordens universitet.  Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd.  TemaNord 2014(535), 201-257 [with co-authors G. Kristoffersen and U. Røyneland]

Engelsk som undervisningssprog på nordiske universiteter - hvordan gør man? I: Hvor parallelt Om parallellspråkighet på Nordens universitet. Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd 2014, p. 55-115. [co-editor, with J. Thøgersen, O. Josephson, M. Londen, L. Salö, & H. Bernhardsson]

Detecting specialised neologisms in researchers’ blogs. In Oakes, M., Ch. Johannsson & L. Hareide (eds). The many facets of corpus linguistics in Bergen. Bergen: BeLLs, 125-136.

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Corpus approaches to neology and their relevance for dynamic domains. In Neologica 6/2012, 43-62.
[with co-author G. Andersen]

Using web-based corpora to find Norwegian specialised neologies. In Communication and Language at Work 1/2012, 10-19.

Financial jargon in a general newspaper corpus. In Andersen, G. (ed.) Exploring Norwegian Newspaper Language –  Using the web to create and investigate a large corpus of modern Norwegian. Amsterdam/New York: John Benjamins. 257-283.

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[with co-author G. Andersen]

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Looking back to move forward. Challenges related to deceitful parallel texts and slippery terms. In Dahl, T, J. Roald and I. Simonnæs (eds.) Synaps 21/2008. Festskrift for Magnar Brekke. Bergen: Norges Handelshøyskole. 73-90. [with co-authors K. Innselset and K. Øvsthus]
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Disciplinary autonomy and concept relations in electronic knowledge bases. A theoretical approach to KB-N - a knowledge base for economic-administrative domains.
In SYNAPS - Fagspråk. Kommunikasjon. Kulturkunnskap, 17(2005). Bergen: NHH, 1-7.
(with co-authors K. Øvsthus, K. Innselset and M. Brekke
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