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Associate Professor, PhD


Curriculum Vitae

Teaching languages:

Norwegian, English

Teaching areas:
Courses NHH
Micro (introductory).
Macro (introductory, intermediate, graduate).
Development Economics (intermediate, graduate).
Invited lectures
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary:
Economics and Philosophy (graduate).

Research areas:

Cost-of-living measurement, International Income Comparisons, Behavioral and Experimental Economics.
Work in progress:
  • "Measuring and Changing Control: Women’s Empowerment and Targeted Transfers” (with Alex Armand, Orazio Attanasio and Pedro Carneiro, Revise and Resubmit.  NBER Working Paper No. 21717 2015.
  • “Are Americans more meritocratic and efficiency-seeking than Scandinavians? ” (with Alexander Cappelen and Bertil Tungodden). Not yet submitted. Preanalysis plan available at
  • “The Income Elasticity for Consumption of Calories: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya” (with Johannes Haushofer and Jeremy Shapiro). Not yet submitted.
  • “International Comparisons of Living Standards -- with Heterogeneous Tastes” (with Ian Crawford and Peter Neary). Not yet submitted.
  • “Temperature and Economic Choices” (with Tessa Bold and Shuhei Kitamura). Not yet submitted.
  •  “What explains the gender gap in college track dropout?” (with Alexander Cappelen, Kjell Salvanes, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden), Forthcoming, American Economic Review P&P.
  • “Willingness to compete: Family matters” (with Alexander Cappelen, Kjell Salvanes, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden), Forthcoming, Management Science.
  • “Fairness and family background” (with Alexander Cappelen, Kjell Salvanes, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden, Forthcoming, Politics, Philosophy and Economics.
  • “International Income Inequality : Measuring PPP bias by estimating Engel curves for food”. American Economic Review, 102(2), 1093-1117, 2012.
  • “Older or Wealthier? The Impact of Age Adjustments on Wealth Inequality Ranking of Countries” (with M. Mogstad). The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114(1), 24-54, 2012.
  • “Adjusting for age effects in cross-sectional distributions” (with T. Havnes and M. Mogstad). Stata Journal 12(1), pp. 393-405, 2012.
  • “Measuring unfair (in)equality” (with A. Cappelen, J. Lind, E. Sørensen and B. Tungodden). Journal of Public Economics, 95(7-8), 488-499, 2011.
  • ”Baby Booming Inequality? Demographic Change and Inequality in Norway, 1967-2004”, (with T. Havnes and M. Mogstad). Journal of Economic Inequality, 9, 629-650, 2011.
  • “Development of fairness preferences in children” (with A. Cappelen, E. Sørensen and B. Tungodden). Science, 328(5982), 2010.
  • “Equalizing income versus equalizing opportunity – A comparison of the United States and Germany”. Research on Economic Inequality, 18, 2008.
Other publications:
  • “Rettferdig ulikhet” (with Alexander Cappelen, Ingar Kyrkjebø and Bertil Tungodden). Magma – Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2015; Vol 18.(6) s. 38-43.
  • “Modernisert men mindre rettferdig folketrygd?” (with Siri Sollid Robstad). Samfunnsøkonomen no 5, 2012.
  • “Fra kinesernes sparing til global vekst” (with Gro Mæle Liane and Øystein Thøgersen) Magma – Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 6, 32-39, 2012.
  • “Et valg i blinde? Norske ungdommers kjennskap til ulikheter i arbeidsmarkedet før de gjør sine utdanningsvalg” (with Kjell Salvanes and Erik Sørensen). MagmaTidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, no 5 2012.
Visiting fellow:
  • 01/2005-12/2005:  Cornell University, USA.
  • 05/2006 (shorter stay): University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • 11/2008 (shorter stay): Oxford University, UK.
  • 01/2009-02/2009:  Yale University, USA.
  • 11/2010-03/2011:  Princeton University, USA.
  • 01/2012-02/2012:  Loyola Marymount University, USA.
  • 03/2012 (shorter stay): University College London, UK.
  • 2013 (spring):   University College London
Prices and honors:
  • 2013: The Niels Klim prize awarded by the Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund. 
  • 2012: Best PhD thesis in macroeconomics awarded from the Central Bank of Norway.
  • 2011: Ingvar Wederwang’s research prize for young researchers, awarded by Norwegian School of Economics.
Editorial activities:
  • 01/2012 – present: Associate editor, Law, Ethics and Philosophy.
  • 07/2012 – present: Associate editor, Fiscal Studies.
Some Press Coverage:
  • Barns känsle för rättvisa. 11-åringer vill dela exakt lika, Svenska Dagbladet 15.01.2015
  • Debate with Thomas Piketty, Kalle Moene and Kristin Skogen Lund about the book Captial in the twenty-first century, broadcasted on Norwegian television (NRK) and covered by many of the newspapers in Norway (Verdens Gang, Dagsavisen, Klassekampen etc.). December 2014.
  • Picked as one of eight ‘newcomers’ in the Norwegian newspaper VG: “Skal i 2012 feste grepet ”, 2011
  • For kids and adults ‘being fair’ could mean different things, Asian News International, 30.05.2010
  • Fairness and the Development of Inequality Acceptance, Science, 28.05.2010.
  • Conceito de justiça muda com a idade (The concept of justice changes with age), Justica (Brasli), 28.05.2010
  • No Fair! Kids and Adults View, Science, 27.05.2010
  • How Children Outgrow Socialism, Science, 27.05.2010
  • Science publishes new study on the development of fairness and inequality acceptance, Alpha Gallileo, 27.05.2010
  • El sentido de la equidad y la desigualdad se desarrolla con el tiempo (The sense of equality and inequality develops over time), SINC (Spain),
  • Hvor mye fortjener du?, Minerva, 07.12.2010
  • Eksperiment endte i Science, Norges Forskningsråd, 28.05.2010
  • Skjev fordeling kan være rettferdig, Aftenposten, 28.05.2010
  • Et farvel til almisser, Klassekampen, 25.11.2009
  • Tragisk allmenning?, Klassekampen, 28.10.2009
  • Nordisk ethos, Klassekampen, 30.09.2009
  • Tilslørte tall, Klassekampen, 02.09.2009
  • Økt urettferdighet, Klassekampen, 05.08.2009
  • Homo economicus, Klassekampen, 08.07.2009
  • Måling av fattig og rik,, 02.07.2009

Other involvments:
  • Researcher, ESOP, University of Oslo
  • Part of The Choice Lab, NHH
  • CESifo network member