The Frøystein Gjesdal Lecture on Accounting Research

In connection with Professor Frøystein Gjesdal's 60th birthday in 2010, NHH established an annual lecture in Professor Gjesdal's name to mark his long contribution to accounting Research. 

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Gjesdal Lecture 2015: Professor Terry Shevlin


The lecture of 2015 will take place on Friday the 8th of May.
Place: Aud. Terje Hansen
Time: The lecture will start at 13.15

The guest lecturer this year is Professor Terry Shevlin from The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California-Irvine.

Terry Shevlin earned his PhD from Stanford University in 1986 and joined the faculty at the University of Washington where he worked for 26 years until joining the University of California-Irvine in the summer of 2012. 

He has served as editor on 3 academic journals: Journal of the American Taxation Association (1996-1999), Senior Editor, The Accounting Review (2002-2005) and Co-editor, Accouting Horizons (2009-2012) and on numerous editorial boards (including the top 4 accounting journals). Ha has published nearly 30 articles in the very top accounting and finance journals.

Currently he serves as the Chair of the AAA Publications Committee, is a member of the Publications Ehtics Task Force and, a member of the Pathways Commission. He serves as the PhD Program Faculty Director and Accounting Area Coordinator at UCI.

Terry Shevlin has received a number of awards for his research and mentoring of PhDs the most recent being named the American Accounting Association Outstanding Educator for 2012.  He was also named the American Taxation Association 2005 Ray M. Sommerfeld Outstanding  Tax Educator. He has won the Amercan Taxation Association Tax Manuscript Awards 3 times (in 2004, 1995, and 1992) and twice won the AAA Competitive manuscript for young scholars (1990 and 1987). He has been awarded  the UW Business School Dean`s Faculty Research Award 4 times.

His research interests are broad and include the effect of taxes on business decisions and asset prices, capital markets-based accounting research, earnings management, employee stock options, research design and statistical significance testing issues.





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