The Frøystein Gjesdal Lecture on Accounting Research

In connection with Professor Frøystein Gjesdal's 60th birthday in 2010, NHH established an annual lecture in Professor Gjesdal's name to mark his long contribution to accounting Research. 

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Gjesdal Lecture 2016: Professor Robert Wilson


The Frøystein Gjesdal lecture of 2016 will take place on Monday the 30th of May.

Place: Terje Hansen Aud.
Time: 12.15

The guest lecturer this year is Professor Robert Wilson from The Standford Graduate School of Business. Robert Butler Wilson, Jr. is an American economist and Professor of Management at Stanford University. He is known for his contributions to management science and business economics. Robert Wilson will this year receive The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economics, Finance and Management for “pioneering contributions to the analysis of strategic interactions when economic agents have limited and different information about their environment”. In the view of the jury, “his research on auctions, electricity pricing, reputation and dynamic interactions under such informational circumstances was groundbreaking and pervades economic analysis to this day”.







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