Kenneth Fjell




+47 55 95 96 87


+47 55 95 93 20


Professor, Ph. D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1998

Date of birth:

July 13, 1966



Teaching languages:

Norwegian, English

Teaching areas:


Management Accounting Microeconomics
Operations Management



Management Accounting Microeconomics
Capital Budgeting
Competitive Tendering/Privatization





Price theory, cost allocation, deregulation/privatization, mixed oligopolies




Selected publications:
  • On the Choice of Royalty Rule to Cover Fixed Costs in input Joint Venturens in International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2014 (with Øystein Foros and Hans Jarle Kind)

  • On the performance of endogenous access pricing in Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2013, volume 44, issue 3, pp 237-250 (with Debashis Pal and David E.M. Sappington).

  • Endogenous Average Cost Based Access Pricing in Review of industial organization, 2010, volume 36, nr 2, 149-162 (with Øystein Foros and Debashis Pal)

  • Online advertising: Pay-per-view versus pay-per-click with market power, in Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, volume 9, nr 3, May 2010. pp. 198-203

  • Online advertising: Pay-per-view or pay-per-click - A comment in Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, April 2009, Vol.8 Issue 2/3, 200-206.

  • Access regulation and strategic transfer pricing in Management Accounting Research, 19, 2008, 18-31 (with Ø.Foros)

  • How to test for abuse of dominance? European Competition Journal, volume 2, Special Issue, July 2006.

  • Can Exclusive Territories Limit Strategic Location Downstream? Papers in Regional Science;volume 84, issue 2, 221-237, 2005;(with John S. Heywood).

  • Are Interactive TV-Pioneers and Surfers Different Breeds? Broadband Demand and Asymmetric Cross-Price Effects, Review of Industrial Organization, 25295-316, 2004 (with Kjetil Andersson and Øystein Foros).

  • Mixed Oligopoly, Subsidization and the Order of Firm's Moves: The Relevance of Privatization, Economics Letters 83 (2004) 411-416 (with John S. Heywood).

  • Elasticity based pricing rules - a cautionary note, Applied Economics Letters, 2003, 10, 787-791.

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  • A mixed oligopoly in the presence of foreign private firms, Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 29, no. 3, August 1996 (with D. Pal).

Selected publications in Norwegian:
  • Hva er konkurranseutsetting?, Silhuetten nr. 2, 2002.

  • Fastlåst i legeordning, Silhuetten nr. 2, 2001.

  • Står det siste monopolet for fall?, Magma, Vol. 3, nr. 5, 2000, ss.91-97.

  • Kryssubsidiering, SNF-Bulletin nr. 1 2000 (med G.M. Johansen).

Other interests/Involvements:
  • Deputy member of the City Council, Finance Comittee (elected for Høyre, 2007-2011), Bergen, Norway