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Teaching languages:

Norwegian, English

Teaching areas:


International economics, Competitive strategy
Industrial organisation


Industrial organisation, Competition policy

Work in progress:

  • 'News sources and media bias' (co-authors: H. J. Kind and A. J. G. Pires).
  • ‘Interfirm versus Intrafirm Coordination of Prices in a Media market' (co-authors: T. Nilssen and H. J. Kind).
  • Fine schedule with heterogeneous cartels: Are the wrong cartels deterred?, (co-author: Sissel Jensen).
  • 'Competition between content distributors in two-sided markets' (co-authors: H.N. Bergh, H.J. Kind and B.A. Reme).
  •  Enforcement vs Deterrence in Merger Control: Can Remedies Lead to Lower Welfare?’, (co-author: A. Cosnita-Langlais)
  • “Upstream Merger in a Successive Oligopoly: Who Pays the Price?”, (co-authors: Ø. A. Nilsen and S. A. Ulsaker)
  • Market segmentation in two-sided markets: TV rights for Premier League, (Co-author: H. J. Kind).
  • ‘Crime and punishment: When tougher antitrust enforcement leads to higher overcharge’, (co-authors: S. Jensen, O. Kvaløy and  T. E. Olsen)
  • ‘Disadvantageous Semicollusion: Price competition in the Norwegian Airline industry’, (co-author: F. Steen)

Selected publications:

  • 'Cross-border mergers and domestic wages: integrating positive 'spillover' effects and negative bargaining effects', Journal of International Business Studies, 2014 (45) 450-470, (co-authors: J. Clougherty, K. Guglerand F. W. Szücs).
  • 'From research on mergers to merger policy', International Journal of the Economics of Business, 21 (1), 2014, 37-42.
  • 'Electricity production in a hydro system with a reservoir constraint', Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 115 (2) 2013, 575-594, (co-authors: L. Mathiesen and J. Skaar).
  • 'Single-Product versus Uniform SSNIPs', International Review of Law and Economics, 2011, 31, 142-146 (co-author: Ø. Daljord).
  • "Abuse of collective Dominance: the need for a new approach", World Competition, 36 (3), 2013, 355-372 (co-authors: R. Gjendemsjø and E. J. Hjelmeng).
  • ‘A note on Upward Pricing Pressure: The possibility of false positives’, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 8, 2012, 881-887. (co-authors: L. Mathiesen and Ø. A. Nilsen).
  • ‘Merger simulations with observed diversion ratios’, International Review of Law and Economics, 31, 2011, 83-91. (co-authors: Lars Mathiesen and Øivind Anti Nilsen).
  • 'Rethinking minority share ownership and interlocking directorships - the scope for competition law intervention', European Law Review, 6, 2011, 837-860.  (co-authors: T.S. Gabrielsen and E. J. Hjelmeng).
  • "Semicollusion", Foundations and Trends® in Microeconomics: Vol. 5: No 3 (2009) pp 153-228. Purchase or download (Co-author: Frode Steen).
  • 'Optimal merger policy: Enforcement vs. deterrence’ , Journal of Industrial Economics, 2009, 57, 438-456. 
  • 'Business models for media firms: Does competition matter for how they raise revenue?’ Marketing Science, 2009, 28, 1112-1128.  (Co-authors: H. J. Kind and T. Nilssen).
  • 'Domestic regulation and international trade', Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2009, 9, 1-16 (co-authors: Øystein Foros and Hans Jarle Kind).
  • 'The SSNIP test and market definition with the aggregate diversion ratio: A reply to Katz and Shapiro', Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2008, 4(2), 263-270. (co-authors: Øystein Daljord and Øyvind Thomassen) 
  • 'Competition for viewers and advertisers in a TV oligopoly', Journal of Media Economics, 2007, 20 (3), 211-233. (co-authors: Hans Jarle Kind and Tore Nilssen)
  • 'Competition and welfare: The Norwegian experience’, The Norwegian Competition Authority, Bergen, 2006.
  • 'Private labels, price rivalry, and public policy'. European Economic Review, 51, 2007, 403-424. (Co-author: Tommy S. Gabrielsen).
  • 'The Economics of National Champions', European Competition Journal, 2007, 3(1), 49-61.
  • 'Temporary Bottlenecks, Hydropower and Acquisitons',Scandinavian Journal of Economics , 2006, 108, 481-497. (Co-author: Jostein Skaar).
  • "National versus International Mergers in Unionised Oligopoly", Rand Journal of Economics, 2006, 37 (1), 212-233. (Co-authors: Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume).
  • "Unionized Oligopoly, Trade Liberalization and Location Choice", Economic Journal,  113, 2003, 782-800  (co-authors: Kjell Erik Lommerud and Frode Meland).
  • "Trade liberalization and cartel stability", Review of International Economics, 2001, 9(2). 343-355, (Co-author: Kjell Erik Lommerud).
  • "Semicollusion in the Norwegian cement market", European Economic Review, 1999, 43, 1775-1796.  (Co-author:  Frode Steen).
  • "Time Schedule and Programme Profile: TV News in Norway and Denmark", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 7, 1998, 209-235. (Co-author Tore Nilssen).
  • "Sequential Horizontal Mergers", European Economic Review, 42, 1998, 1683-1702. (Co-author:  Tore Nilssen.)


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