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Norwegian, English
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Teaching areas:


International trade and welfare, Maritime History and Economics.


Shipping and Offshore Markets, Shipping economics, Transport and logistics, Integrated supply chains, International Economics, Globalisation and Integration


Shipping Economics, Airline Economics, International Economics , Industrial Organisation

Research in progress:

  • Lay up decisions, (co-authors . Amir Alizadeh and Helen Thanopoulou)
  • Shipping past and future: Uncertainty and question marks ahead, Submitted to (Co-author Helen Thanopoulou)
  • Optimal Regulation in a taxi market with simultaneous radio dispatches and taxi stand allocation, (co-authors Rolf Jens Brunstad,  and Kurt Jörnsten)
  • Port pricing:  Principles, Structure and Models, forthcoming in Chris A. Nash and Jeremy Toner (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Transport Economics and Policy, Edward Elgar (co-authors Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van de Voorde)
  • Efficiency enhancing port pricing models
  • Quality incentives in pay-off? Selected Proceedings from the 9th World Conference on Transport Research, 22-27 July 2001, Seoul, Korea Pergamon Sept 2003.
  • Airline pricing and market segmentation

Selected publications:

  • Tthe international competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding industry, Transport Research part E, 60, 39-48  (co-authors Liping Jiang and Erik Bastiansen)
  • Freight Transport Pricing Models, in Moshe Ben-Akiva, Hilde Meersman and Eddy van de Voorde (eds.), Freight Transport Modelling, (In honour of Prof. Marvin L. Manheim) Emerald Group Publishing, (2013)  319-334.
  • “The Shipping Industry” in Schreiner, Axel (ed.)  Textbook of Maritime Medicine, 2 ed.  chapter 3, e-book. published by the  Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine, Bergen (NCMM) in association with the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) (2013) . available at
  • Assessing the cost competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding industry. Maritime Economics and Logistics, Vol 14 (2012), 480-497  (co-author Jiang, Liping).
  • “Maritime Freight Markets” in  Talley, Wayne K. (ed.)  The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics , Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Economics, Wiley-Blackwell, (2012)
  • Economics of the markets for ships" in Grammenos, Costas (ed.) The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business, Lloyds of London Press, London, 2 ed., (2010), 217-234
  • “The Shipping Industry” in Schreiner, Axel (ed.) Textbook of Maritime Medicine, chapter 3, e-book available at
  • "Modelling freight markets for coal", Maritime Economics & Logistics, Vol. 11,3 (2009) 289-301. (co-authors Jan Ubøe, Jonas Andersson, Kurt Jörnsten)
  • "A discrete-time stochastic partial equilibrium model of the spot freight market", Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Vol. 41 (2007) 189-218. (Co-author Roar Adland).  
  • "Asset bubbles in shipping? An analysis of recent history in the dry bulk market",  Maritime Economics and Logistrics, Vol. 8 (2006) 223-233.  (Co-authored with Roar Adland and Haiying Jia).
  • "Market efficiency in the tanker freight market",  Maritime Policy and Management Vol. 33, No. 2, 2006, 107-117.  (Co-authored with Roar Adland) .
  • "Efficient (Re-)Scheduling: An Auction Approach", Economics Letters Vol. 89 # 2 , 2005, 187-192 . ( co-authored with Elmar Wolfstetter)
  • 'Port Pricing Structures and Ship Efficiency', Review of Network Economics, Vol 3 # 2, 2004, 135-144
  • "Airport capacities and airline competition", in Hilde Meersman, Paul Roosens, Eddy van de Voorde and Frank Witlox (eds.) Optimizing Strategies in the Air Transport Business, Survival of the fittest, Garant, Antwerp, 2004, p 17-28.
  • "Economics of the markets for ships", in Grammenos, Costas (ed.) Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business, Lloyds of London Press, London, 2002, 186-202.
  • "Causes and effects of FDI by the Norwegian Maritime Industry",    Maritime Policy and Management Vol.29 # 3, 2002,  223-239, (Co-authored with Hans Jarle Kind) 
  • "Second Order Effects for Shipping of Prohibiting TBT", Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 258/ 1-2, 2000, pp. 111-117.
  • "The shipbroking function and market efficiency",  International Journal of Maritime Economics, Vol. II, 1, 2000, 17-26.
  • "Is there a potential for a two-tier tanker market?", Maritime Policy and Management, Vol. 26, 3, 1999, 249-264
  • "The effect of public ownership and deregulation in the Scandinavian Airline Industry", Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 3, 4, 1998, 211-215. (co authored with Trond Randøy).
  • "NorshipS: a DSS for Analysis of Bulk Shipping Markets", Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 13, 4, 1997, 517-541 (With Anna Mette Fuglseth.)
  • "Deregulation of Scandinavian Airlines. A case study of the Oslo-Stockholm Route", in Paul R. Krugman and M. Alasdair Smith: Empirical Studies of Strategic Trade Policy, Chicago University Press, 1994. (With Victor D. Norman.)
  • "Price Determination in the Time Charter and Second Hand Markers", Centre for Applied Research, NHH, Working paper MU 06 1984.

Visiting professor/visiting scholar:



Visiting Professor,  Faculty of Finance, Cass Business School, London, since 2005-
Guest Professor, Department of Transport and Regional Economics , University of Antwerpen, Antwerpen, since 2009-

Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck, 1996
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 1994, 1995, 2003
Universiteit Antwerpen, 2002, 2003, 2009.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2002

Other interests/involvements:



Member of Corporate Assembly, Telenor ASA