Sissel Jensen


Sissel Jensen


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associate professor,  dr.oecon.


Curriculum Vitae

Main research areas:

Pricing of telecommunications, price discrimination, economics of telecommunications, industrial organization 

Research in progress

Selected publications :

  • 'Indirect taxation and tax incidence under nonlinear pricing', International Tax and Public Finance, 18 (5) 2011, 519-532.
  • 'Two-Part Tariffs with Quality Degradation', International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26 (2), 2008, 473-489. 
  • 'Pricing of telecommunications services under the presence of asymmetric information'. PhD Thesis, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, 2001.
  • 'Damaging network subscription', (with Øystein Foros and Jan Yngve Sand). Communications and Strategies, 33, 37-58, 1999.
  • 'Internationalization of the Norwegian Telecommunications Market', (with Ragna Brekke and Christian Riis). In E. Bohlin and O. Granstrand (eds), The Race to European Eminence: Who are the coming tele-service multinationals? North-Holland, 1994.