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Professor, dr. oecon,


Curriculum Vitae

Teaching languages:

Norwegian, English

Teaching areas:


Microeconomics, international trade, economic policy


International economics

Doctoral courses:

International economics


International economics, general equilibrium modelling

Research in progress:


Selected publications:

  • "R&D policies, Trade and Process Innovation,” (with Hans Jarle Kind), Journal of International Economics  vol.74, issue 1, 2008, pp 170-187.
  • "Domestic labour markets and foreign direct investment” (with Ian Wooton), Review of International Economics, vol 15, Issue 3, 2007, pp. 462-480.
  • "Cooperative and non-cooperative R&D policy in an economic union.” (with Hans J. Kind.) Review of World Economics, vol.142, issue 4, 2006, pp. 720-745.
  • Coauthor of Multinational firms in the world economy (by G. Barba Navaretti and A.J. Venables, with F. Barry, K. Ekholm, A. Falzoni, J.Haaland, K-H.Midelfart and A. Turrini). Princeton University Press, 2004.
  • "Multinationals Firms: Easy come, Easy go?” (With Ian Wooton and Guilia Faggio). Finanzarchiv 59, 2003, pp 3-26.
  • "A U-shaped Europe? A simulation studyof industrial location" (with Rikard Forslid and Karen Helene Midelfart Knarvik). Journal of International Economics,  57, 2002, pp. 273-297.
  • "Integration and transition: Scenarios for location of production and trade in Europe" (with Rikard Forslid, Ottar Mæstad and Karen Helene Midelfart Knarvik), Economics of Transition,  10, 2002, pp. 93-117 
  • "International competition for multinational investments" (with Ian Wooton) Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 101(4), 1999.
  • "Anti-dumping jumping: Reciprocal anti-dumping and industrial location" (with Ian Wooton), Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, Band 134, 1998, pp. 340-362.
  • "Investment creation and investment diversion in Europe", The World Economy, vol. 19, no. 6, 1996, 635-659. (With Richard E. Baldwin and Rikard Forslid.)
  • "Regional effects of European integration", in Baldwin, Haarparanta and Kiander (eds.) Expanding membership of the European Union, Cambridge University Press, 1995. (With Victor D. Norman.)
  • "Norway: The trade effects of European integration", The World Economy, vol. 17, no. 5, 1994, 638-695.
  • "Global production effects of European integration", in L. Alan Winters (ed.): Trade flows and trade policy after 1992. Cambridge University Press, 1992. (With Victor D. Norman.)
  • "Market integration, competition and welfare", in L. Alan Winters (ed.): Trade flows and trade policy after 1992. Cambridge University Press, 1992. (With Ian Wooton.)

Elected positions:

Rector NHH 2009-2013.
Rector NHH 2005-2009.
Member of the Board of NHH, 2002–2005.
Head of Department of Economics, 1999-2001.
Dean, faculty of economics and business, NHH, 1996-1998.

Academic Editorial Board:



Member of editorial board for EMIRICA (Kluwer Academic Press)

Visiting professor/visiting scholar:



University of Southampton, 1991

Other interests/involvements:



Research fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London
Member of the scientific committee of European Trade Study Group (ETSG).