Jack Douglas Stecher




Jack Douglas Stecher


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Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Minnesota 2005



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Bachelor -- Financial Reporting and Analysis (VOA019)
Master -- Managerial Accounting (BUS427), Capital Markets (BUS430)
Ph.D. -- Management Accounting: Incentive Mechanisms (REG510)




Research: Financial Reporting, Information Economics, Mechanism Design, Capital Markets and Valuation  


Dissertation: Business Language and Asymmetric Information, University of Minnesota 2005  



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Refereed Abstracts and Referred Conference Papers:
  • Intuitionism and Repeated Games (with Harrie de Swart and Kira Pronin). 2007 European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (Logic Colloquium '07), Wrocław, Poland, July 14--19, 2007. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 14(1) (March 2008), 149-150.
  • Using Brouwer's continuity principle to pick stocks (with Mark van Atten)
    2006 Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (Logic Colloquium '06), Nijmegen, The Netherlands, July 27--August 2, 2006.  Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13(2) (June 2007), 289-90 (Website)
  • Heyting's conditions and social choice theory
    2006 Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
    , Universitè du Quèbec à Montrèal, Montrèal, Quèbec, Canada, May 17-21, 2006. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13(1) (March 2007), 141 (Website)

  • Trade and Communication under Subjective Information (October 2005)
    2005 Minnesota-Chicago Accounting Theory Conference, Minneapolis, MN (Website) (PDF).

  • An Application of Formal Topology to the Choice of Standards for a Reporting Language (August 2005)
    9th Asian Logic Conference, Novosibirsk, Russia (Website) (PDF).

  • An Application of Intuitionistic Logic to Economics and Accounting
    2005 Annual Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
    , Stanford University, Stanford, CA, March 19-22, 2005. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12(1) (March 2006), 162-3 (Website).



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