Research Possibilities in Strategy and Management

Research possibility 1:
The research group “Darwin: Firms and industries” is looking for a PhD-candidate. We do quantitative research into performance differences between firms and industries, at the intersection between strategy, finance and IO. Recently, we have focused on the impact of business cycles on competitive behavior and outcomes, and also the link between finance and competitive dynamics. We seek candidates that are able to combine analytical skills and creative thinking.

Research possibility 2:
The research group “Human Resource Management, leadership, and knowledge work” is looking for a PhD-candidate. Our areas of interests include how employment relations and organizational structures influence performance, motivation, and commitment of employees. In particular, we are interested in contexts with highly educated workforces, such as professional service firms. The research group is part of the research program FOCUS (Future-oriented Corporate Solutions) and a PhD candidate will work closely with researchers in this program.

Research possibility 3:
The research group on Business Process Management is looking for a PhD-candidate. Our areas of interest include contemporary process management practices, including Lean and Quality Management, capacities for process management, best practice frameworks, as well as methodological and technological issues for process improvement. The PhD candidate will work closely with researchers and industry partners on current and future research activities.

Research possibility 4:
The research program for Center for Service Innovation (CSI) is looking for a PhD-candidate for its Foresight / Insight project. The aim of the project is to inform CSI partners on trends and important insights on the general trends of consumers, society, policy, economy and technology of relevance to service innovation. Two themes are particularly relevant for a PhD candidate: a) analyzing trends and trends surveillance practices in one of the sectors relevant for our industry partners, and 2) identifying, evaluating and adapting available foresight methodologies to fit service innovation.  The PhD candidate will work closely with researchers and industry partners in the Center for Service Innovation.

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