Kurt Jörnsten




Kurt Jörnsten


+47 55 95 95 52


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Professor, tekn. dr., Linköping Institute of Technology 1980

Date of birth:




Teaching languages:

Swedish, English

Teaching areas:
  • Production Planning and Control

  • Simulation of the business process

  • Global Supply Chain Management

  • Optimisation in Economic Theory

  • Optimisation and mathematical analysis

Research areas:


  • Modem Production Management and Logistics

  • Computational Methods for Cooperative Games with Implicitly given Characteristic Functions

  • Application of Transfer Pricing and Joint Cost Allocation Pricing

  • Transmission Pricing

  • Market Design in Electricity Markets and E-Commerce


  • Transportation Planning

  • Optimisation

  • Regional Science

Selected publications:
  • Searching for optimal integer solutions to set partitioning problems using column generation, International Transactions in Operational Research, 2014, 21(2), 177-197 (with David Bredström, Mikael Rönnqvist, and Mathieu Bouchard).

  • A maximum entropy approach to the newsvendor problem with partial information, European Journal of Operational Research, 2013, 228(1), 190-200 (with Jonas Andersson, Sigrid Lise Nonås, Leif K. Sandal and Jan Ubøe).

  • Mixed contracts for the newsvendor problem with real options and discrete demand, OMEGA, 2013, 41(5), 809-819 (with Sigrid Lise Nonås, Leif K. Sandal and Jan Ubøe).

  • Transfer of risk in the newsvendor model with discrete demand, OMEGA, 2012, 40(3), 404-414 (with Sigrid Lise Nonås, Leif K. Sandal and Jan Ubøe).

  • Semi-Lagrangean approach for price discovery in markets with non-convexities, European Journal of Operational Research, 2011, 214(2), 411-417 (with Veronica Araoz).

  • Cost allocation in collaborative forest transportation, European Journal of Operational Research, 2010, 205(2), 448-458 (with Mikael Frisk, Maud Göthe-Lundgren and Mikael Rönnqvist).

  • Quantification of preferences in markets, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2010, 46(4), 453-466 (with Jan Ubøe).

  • Modeling Freight Markets for Coal, Maritime Economics and Logistics, 2009, 11(3), 289-301 (with Jonas AnderssonSiri Pettersen Strandenes, and Jan Ubøe).

  • Nonlinear anonymous pricing combinatorial auctions, European Journal of Operational Research, 2009, 199(1), 296-302 (with Andreas Drexl and Diether Knof).

  • Lower and upper bounds for linear production games, European Journal of Operational Research, 2009, 196(2), 476-486 (with Endre Bjørndal).

  • Equilibrium prices supported by dual price functions in markets with non-convexities, European Journal of Operational Research, 2008, 190(3), 768-789 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Investment Paradoxes in Electricity Networks, in Migdalas, Athanasios, Panos Pardalos, and Leonidas Pitsoulis (eds.), Pareto Optimality, Game Theory and Equilibria, Springer Science + Business Media, 2008, 593-608 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Pricing in Combinatorial Auctions, Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences, 2007, 28(1), 145-158 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Optimal Solutions in the Multi-location Inventory System with Transshipments, Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms, 2007, 6(1), 47-75 (with Lars Magne Nonås).

  • Benefits from Coordinating Congestion Management – the Nordic Power Market, Energy Policy, 2007, 35(3), 1978-1991 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • An Aumann-Shapley Approach to Cost Allocation and Pricing in a Supply Chain, in de Koster, René, and Werner Delfmann (eds.), Supply Chain Management – European Perspectives, Copenhagen Business School Press, 2005, 182-198 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Heuristics in the Multi-Location Inventory System with Transshipments, in Kotzab, Herbert, Stefan A. Seuring, Martin Müller and Gerald Reiner (eds.), Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management, Physica-Verlag 2005, 509-524 (with Lars Magne Nonås).

  • The Deregulated Electricity Market Viewed as a Bilevel Programming Problem”, Journal of Global Optimization, 2005, 33(3), 465-475 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Replication/Prediction Problems in the Journey to Work, Environment and Planning A, 2004, 36(2), 347-364 (with Inge Thorsen and Jan Ubøe).

  • Congestion Management in the Nordic Power Market – Counter Purchases, Journal of Network Industries, 2003, 4, 273-296 (with Mette Bjørndal and Virginie Pignon).

  • Prices in a Combinatorial Auction, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, 2003, 6(2), 281-293 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Revenue Cap Regulation in a Deregulated Electricity Market - Effects on a Grid Company, Central European Journal of Operations Research, 2003, 11(2), 197-215 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Zonal Pricing in a Deregulated Electricity Market, Energy Journal, 2001, 22(1), 51-73 (with Mette Bjørndal).

  • Convergence aspects of adaptive clustering in variable aggregation, Computers & Operations Research, New York, 1999, 26(10-11), 955-966 (with Rainer Leisten and Sverre Storøy).

  • Tabu search for weighted k-cardinality trees, Asia - Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Singapore, 1997, 14(2), 9-26 (with Arne Løkketangen).

  • Vehicle routing with time windows: Two optimization algorithms, Operations Research, Linthicum, 1997, 45(3), 488-492 (with Marshall L. Fisher and Oli B. G. Madsen).

  • On bicriterion minimal spanning trees: An approximation, Computers & Operations Research, New York, 1996, 23(12), 1171-1182 (with Kim Allan Andersen and Mikael Lind).

  • Linear programming aggregation: A heuristic for hierarchical production planning, Asia - Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 1995, 12(2), 161-177 (with Rainer Leisten).

  • Decomposition and iterative aggregation in hierarchical and decentralised planning structures, European Journal of Operational Research, 1995, 86(1), 120-141 (with Rainer Leisten).

  • Computing the Nucleolus When the Characteristic Function Is Given Implicitly: A Constraint Generation Approach, International Journal of Game Theory, 1995, 24(4), 357-372 (with Åsa Hallefjord and Reidun Helming).

  • Traffic equilibrium paradoxes when travel demand is elastic, Asia-Pacific Journal Of Operational Research, 1994, 11(1), 41-50 (with Åsa Hallefjord and Sverre Storøy).

  • Aggregation and decomposition for multi-divisional linear programs, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1994, 72(1), 175-191 (with Rainer Leisten).

  • Application of the scenario aggregation approach to a two-stage, stochastic, common component, inventory problem with a budget constraint, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1993, 68(2), 196-212 (with Henrik Jönsson and Edward A. Silver).

  • Cooperative game theory: A note on an algorithm that has probably never been implemented, Asia-Pacific Journal Of Operational Research, 1993, 10(1), 121-129 (with Åsa Hallefjord and Reidun Helming).

  • Solving large scale generalized assignment problems - An aggregation/disaggregation approach, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1993, 64(1), 103-114 (with Åsa Hallefjord and Peter Värbrand).

  • Enhancing an Algorithm for Set Covering Problems, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1992, 58(2), 293-300 (with John E. Beasley).

  • Sequencing Offshore Oil and Gas Fields Under Uncertainty, European Journal Of Operational Research, Amsterdam, 1992, 58(2), 191-201.

  • Computational Results from a New Lagrangean Relaxation Algorithm for the Capacitated Plant Location Problem, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1991, 53(1), 38-43 (with Jaume Barceló and Elena Fernández).

  • A Facet Generation and Relaxation Technique Applied to an Assignment Problem with Side Constraints, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1991, 50(3), 335-344 (with Ronny Aboudi and Åsa Hallefjord).

  • Improved Lagrangean Decomposition: An Application to the Generalized Assignment Problem, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1990, 46(1), 84-92 (with Paulo Barcia).

  • A Mathematical Programming Model for the Development of Petroleum Fields and Transport Systems, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1989, 43(1), 13-25 (with Ronny Aboudi, Åsa Hallefjord, Carsten Helgesen, Reidun Helming, Anne S. Pettersen, Tore Raum and Petter Spence).

  • On the Merits and Demerits of Integer Goal Programming, The Journal Of The Operational Research Society, 1989, 40(8), 781-785 (with James P. Ignizio).

  • A Critical Comment on Integer Goal Programming, The Journal Of The Operational Research Society, 1988, 39(1), 101-104 (with Åsa Hallefjord).

  • A New Lagrangian Relaxation Approach to the Generalized Assignment Problem, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1986, 27(3), 313-323 (with Mikael Näsberg).

  • A Long Range Forestry Planning Problem with Multiple Objectives, European Journal Of Operational Research, 1986, 26(1), 123-133 (with Åsa Hallefjord and Ola Eriksson).

  • Cross Decomposition Applied to the Stochastic Transportation Problem, European Journal of Operational Research, 1984, 17(3), 361-368 (with Kaj Holmberg).

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