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This site aims to meet the informational needs of researchers, staff, students and prospective candidates for the National Translator Accreditation Exam.

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Recent publications

3 articles from Gisle Andersen in 2015:

1. "Pseudo-borrowings as cases of pragmatic borrowing: Focus on Anglicisms in Norwegian." In: Furiassi, Cristiano & Henrik Gottlieb (eds.). Pseudo-English: Studies on false Anglicisms in Europe. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 123-144.
2."Relevance." In: Aijmer, Karin & Christoph Rühlemann. Corpus Pragmatics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 143-168.
3. Andersen, Gisle & Ole Våge. "Fagfolk som ordsmedar." Språknytt 1/2015: 22-23.

Trine Dahl's latest article, "Contested science in the media: linguistic traces of news writers’ framing activity", was published in this year's first issue of the international journal Written Communication (32 (1), 39-65).

Professor Emerita Ingrid Simonnæs' book about legal translation "Basiswissen deutsches Recht für Übersetzer" (Berlin: Frank & Timme) was launched recently at the International Book Fair in Leipzig 2015.  

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